KISSED Magazine has been awarded European Newcomer of the year 2022.

KISSED Magazine

Classy. Sassy. Sexy.

KISSED is a magazine focused on female sensuality, lust and passion. It is the English-language sister of Séparée, our German magazine, which we launched in 2014. Our original target group were women, but we soon learned that many men and people of all genders and sexual orientations also responded positively to our approach, so we started catering for the needs of more diverse sexual beings.

For decades, the usual women’s magazines have served us up the standard fare of fashion, beauty advice, and diet recipes, spiced up with the ever self-defeating tips on the Ten Ways to Make Him Happy in Bed or advice on how to tighten our vaginas after pregnancy.

Back then, there was no feminine equivalent to Playboy and its skinny girls, dick jokes and Bond-like characters out to save the world. Not that that was what we wanted. Quality adult entertainment for women was as hard to come by as a good mind-blowing orgasm!

It was time for a paradigm shift.

Our story


KISSED Magazine creates a world where humans of all ages and genders can embrace their sexuality with positivity and confidence.
We want to encourage our readers to explore their desires, to feel comfortable and confident in their own body and communicate their sensual needs without self-censoring themselves. We want people to realize and utilize the pure, creative power that grows from uninhibited pleasure.

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Turning a fantasy into reality

Slow Sex

Listen to your inner self

Surveying the body

why loving yourselfisn't easy

Sensual Photography

Male nudes, fabulous women and loving couples

Female Lust

What do self-confident women want?

It is now more widely understood and accepted that female sexuality is as strong as male sex drive, if not often stronger. And that women's sex drive often grows with age, while male lust declines. 
Women want to be seen and sensed and truly interacted with. Most people, when having sex, are basically having sex with themselves. They unwind their program once learned in younger years and stick with it all their life. Real sex with another person requires the ability to ask, to listen, to try out. It requires clear communication.