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KISSED is a digital magazine focused on female sensuality, lust and passion. It is the English-language sister of Séparée, our German magazine, which we launched in 2014. Our original target group were women, but we soon learned that many men and people of all genders and sexual orientations also responded positively to our approach, so we started catering for the needs of more diverse sexual beings, as well as an international readership.

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Why should we read KISSED?

On our journey, we have realized how little we still know about our own bodies and how insecure many people are when it comes to their own sexual fantasies and desires. It is difficult for us to say yes to our own pleasure, to love our bodies, and to prioritize our own joy. Most women grow up thinking we are flawed and need to fix everything about ourselves. But what we don’t see is that the thing we’re really missing is sexual confidence. Sexuality is probably the strongest force that drives us. We are all sexual beings and need to reclaim the power that comes with a healthy relationship with our own passion.